Realese: a Tribute to Thomas Detert

Our sixth album hits the release! This time we pay our tribute to the SID legend „Thomas Detert“. Download and/or stream it here at! The album is available completely free of charge and free of advertising; as always. ;)

„a Tribute to Thomas Detert“ contains eight remixes by Xenox, CZ-Tunes, Dr.Future, Synthatiger and Mitch van Hayden with a total play time of 29:11 minutes.

Enjoy it!

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release date: June 9th, 2023
release-No.: GRG-ATT05
No. of remixes: 8

remix-artists: CZ-Tunes, Dr.Future, Mitch van Hayden, Synthatiger, Xenox
available versions: MP3@320kbps (81MB), FLAC (405MB)

  1. Thomas Detert – Another World (Subtune 1) [Remix by Dr.Future]
  2. Thomas Detert – Action Mary [Remix by CZ-Tunes]
  3. Thomas Detert – Quadrant (Intro) [Remix by Xenox]
  4. Thomas Detert – Gordian Tomb [Call of Detert Remix by Mitch van Hayden]
  5. Thomas Detert – B-Bobs (Hall Of Fame) [Remix by CZ-Tunes]
  6. Thomas Detert – Game On 1990-02 (Subtune 1) [Remix by Dr.Future]
  7. Thomas Detert – Another World (Subtune 6) [Remix by Synthatiger]
  8. Thomas Detert – Magic Disk 1993-09 [Glitch Hop Remix by Xenox]